Desireé Dallagiacomo
I wrote my own "One Side of an Ongoing Dialogue with Sharon, My Therapist". I hope that doesn't offend you. The content is totally different, you'd probably like it, but it does have a similar title. Sorry if that irks you. -Flattery Not Forgery

No worries! Lots of people have written poems inspired by that poem. Flattered!

It would be great if you could credit my poem as the inspiration.

And I’d love to give it a read!

Hi! I wanted to say thank you for your "Notes on Loving a Five-Time Felon" poem. I've been struggling to come to terms with my own older brother's prison sentencing and people's cruel looks and words towards me when they talk about him and I just feel a lot less alone now, and i'm finding it very hard to put into words how thankful i am to have found your poem and that you shared it but thank you. (I am very sorry for how messy and jumpy this was, but thank you again)

You absolutely are not alone. Every person in prison has someone that loves them on the outside.

Hallelujah for visibility of marginalized narratives.

I just heard your poem "My Thighs" and it spoke to me so much, beginning to end. Because though you may be confident, the world is a scary intimidating place for women, and being shameless can sometimes be dangerous. I just wanted to thank you for that poem, and that it really touched me. Thank you.

You are important. You are important. You are important. You are important. You are important. Every day, you are important.

I loved your poem "Notes on Loving a Five-Time Felon." It saddened me to come to your tumblr and see you say you mostly don't like men. Art rooted in pain takes on a much bitter tone when it comes from bigots

You must be a man. Poor thing.


Desireé Dallagiacomo - “Notes on Loving a Five-Time Felon” (WOWPS 2014)

"When people ask you to write about something more universal, something softer in its tragedy, explain soft is no longer an appropriate option, once you’ve watched a skull full of your own blood become cantaloupe on the pavement."

Performing during the Last Chance Slam at the 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam.

This poem means a whole world to me.

Thanks for posting, Button.

I'm sorry for bothering you but I was wondering if you had the words to one of videos, 'thighs' off of button poetry? it was absolutely phenomenal and made me feel stronger in a way. so if you don't it's alright I just wanted to ask. I hope you have a wonderful day☺️☺️

Hey, there!

The text of ‘Thighs’ is not available in print anywhere yet, but it will soon be available as a series of broadsides as part of a collaborative piece!

Interested in ordering some ‘Thighs’ broadsides? You’ll have the opportunity to soon!

I came across your videos and I can't stop watching them because you're so honest and powerful. I stalked you and found your tumblr and instagram, sorry I just love you too much. I love writing and I especially love poetry, and I'm excited to one day be an inspirstion to a lot of people, just like you. Love you to pieces to be honest. -Sage


Thank you for listening to my poems. And if you love babies and veggies and poetry, then you’re gunna love my Instagram.


C’mon over!

Half my heart AKA Sasha Banks

Half my heart AKA Sasha Banks

If all you want to do is eat cookies and carrots in bed all day that’s okay.

It’s okay if you don’t feel beautiful today.


If anyone is looking for a role model, I’d say Desirée Dallagiacomo is a pretty good place to start.

Good lord that’s a sweet thing to say.

I found you on buttonpoetry on YouTube and I cannot stop watching your slam videos. You are so fucking amazing. I feel your words so deeply. You inspire me immensely.

Shout out to Button Poetry for the visibility and platform it gives performance poets!

Your One Side of an Ongoing Dialogue with Sharon, My Therapist is so so so so good! i swear im a huge fan you inspire me so much

Thank you so much for listening to that poem !! Even now, 2 years after I wrote it, it’s still one of my favorite poems to perform. So honored it inspired you

Due to my hypersensitive misogyny detecting ears, the only safe radio station is NPR. The struggles of awareness are real.