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What good is there if i wasn't a stranger lol, anywho i wanna let you on a little secret, my chest is an ocean for you my heart is a song underneath the surface in the deepest parts of the ocean only jellyfish can survive, you are the jellyfish inside the deepest parts of my heart


Desireé Dallagiacomo, is that you? :/

Thank you, Google.

Did someone just try to use my poem as an anonymous love letter? SWOON.


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hi. i want to shave my head. however, my mom won't let me because she thinks I will be bullied or called lesbian. The thing is i really don't care about be bullied. I tried telling her but she always cuts me off. I feel like shaving my head will make be feel confidant and powerful. Absolutely love your work ~aspiring teen poet

Hey, anon.

It sounds like your mother is trying her hardest protect you- as Moms sometimes do.

And it sounds like you wanna be a badass and challenge yourself and tell the world that you are in control of your body, your hair, and your appearance.

And applause to you, Anon. I am proud of you for simply being willing to do something that has a strong likelihood of attracting negative attention. And I’m proud of you for staring that in the face and challenging it to chicken.

I can’t tell you what to do- but I hope you and your mother can come to an agreement.

And if you can’t- you’ll turn 18 one day. Then, fire up the buzzer!


Desiree Dallagiacomo & Kaycee Filson - “Real Sex Tips”

"I am silencing the throats that call me object."

Performing for New Orleans at the 2014 National Poetry Slam. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

Oh hey! Kaycee Filson & I wrote this poem and Button Poetry filmed it.

It’s about the objectification of women’s bodies and how we internalized that and are working to unlearn the patriarchy.

I hope you enjoy.

Why is it okay for you to "mostly not like men" when it's not okay for ANYONE to "mostly not like women"? I respect your work and I love all of it. You're talented in ways I could only hope to be, but I think taking an anti (most) men stance is a little harmful for everyone.

Hey, Anon. I appreciate this question.

Why is it okay for me to mostly not like men? Well, growing up in a world that mostly does not like women, and believes that women can’t succeed, and believes that women don’t deserve the things that men do has made me a little jaded, I guess. And, Anon, I appreciate your lofty statement “When it’s not okay for anyone to ‘mostly not like women’”. Actually, it is very very okay to mostly not like women in American culture. Here’s a few resources for you:

Media Misogyny & It’s Impact on Women’s Self-Esteem

Misogyny & Mass Media (Wiki page)

'The List of Rules for Women'

Steubenville Rapist Back to Playing High School Football

What Does the Lackluster Attitude Towards Rape & Sexual Assault Say About America?

Man Goes on a Shooting Rampage is Isla Vista, CA Because Women Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him

How to Know that You Hate Women

The Gender Pay Gap

Columbia Rape Survivor Carries Her Mattress Until Her Rapist is Expelled 

The Biking Gender Gap

…Is that adequate literature, Anon? Or, maybe I can point you towards some more personal instances of toxic masculinity/misogyny/shaming of women that I love.

Like that one time my friend’s video went viral and men told her she should kill herself,

Or that time my Aunt drowned in a river and no one investigated it because she was a homeless woman.

Or maybe that time I wrote an essay about my intimate relationships with men.

Or Maybe that time I wrote a poem about being steeped in Gender-Based Violence as a kid.

Maybe I can let you into my email/ask box/facebook messages sometime and then maybe you’ll understand why I mostly don’t like men. You, Anon, are one of the kinder people to critique my radical standpoint, and I appreciate your approach. I appreciate your kindness, and I appreciate you asking the question.

If you want to talk further, feel free to send me another ask/email and I’d gladly engage in a conversation with you.

Have you ever been scared to share a poem but really wanted to share it??

Every god damned day.

my entire life has been a struggle to accept my body for what it is. the past year i somehow have gathered up enough confidence to love me, but still have daily struggles. i just watched thighs for the first time and confirmed everything i thought was correct about my body, im perfect. thank you. i could relate to everything in that video. have a wonderful day.


Even though we're from other mothers, and even though it's been far too long, you have always been and will continue to be, a light on the shore.

All the love, anon. I’m sure you are a beacon of light yourself. Keep guiding.

If I sent in an ask and it hasn't been answered, does that mean you didn't like it?

No! Not at all!

I love all the asks I get, but I get hundreds of them- so they are mighty hard to keep up with. I try to answer as many as I can, but I’m very far behind in responding.

But ask away!


This girl is reading her “rendition” of Desiree Dallagiacomo’s ‘Thighs’ but it’s the exact same poem with a substitute of heck instead of fuck

Oohhhh plagiarism is a big no no.

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Danez Smith - “Today”

"Today I am grateful. Today the diagnosis does not own me."

Danez Smith, performing during prelims at the 2014 National Poetry Slam. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

Love, love, love.


"When I have a story that the world begs me to be ashamed of, I know that I should tell it. When a poem is difficult, I know that it deserves the stage/page more than any other poem I could write."



It was the…

Amaris Diaz interviewed me for Texas Grand Slam and here it is! Yay!







Hey, Tumblrers.

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